So you’ve got some new house plants, and maybe you’re not quite sure what to do with them now you’ve got it home. We thought we’d share some easy ways to help you make an impact with your new plant friends – Here are Team Gloam’s top tips to style your house plants ….
Style your house plants


1. Got an awkward corner of space in a room you just can fill? Add a selection of plants at different heights to add interest, and boom, you’ve made it a feature.


Style your house plants


2. Maybe you think you’ve no space for plants – think again! Add life to an area that you’ve stopped noticing – style your house plants on the top of kitchen units, shelves, bookcases, mantelpieces, side tables, or window sills. 


Style your house plants


3. The rule of three – group your plants together in threes – keep types and sizes different to stop the collection from looking flat. Grouping has a greater impact on a space.


Style your house plants Style your house plants


4. Go potty! Mixing up the style and type of pots and containers you use will add style and interest. Think rattan baskets, colourful ceramic containers, geometric styles, paper pots… be bold and brave. And don’t forget about plant stands when you style your house plants. 


Style your house plants Style your house plants Style your house plants


5. Don’t forget to look up. Hang your plants from the ceiling – a fantastic way to add interest to what might be a blank space. Hanging plants also allows you to take advantage of areas of great natural lights that some plants will relish.



6.Reflect. Double the impact your plants give off by popping them in front of or opposite a mirror – the lush green energy will bounce around all over the place.


Photographs: Jay Golian


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