We love plants, you lot love plants…. let’s face it, we all love plants! It seems we just can’t get enough of them. After our recent poll over on the ‘gram’ it appears that your houses are teeming with much-loved plant babies. And because we want to bring you lots of joy this month, as a special treat, we’ve refreshed our online store with some LUSH green numbers that we know you’re going to love.



So, on the lookout for their new forever homes we have….

A beautiful array of large mixed Calathea (Pray Plants). Each one has a slightly different but oh so enticing velvety leaf pattern. (All of us Gloamies have picked a different one as our fav).



A bounty of striking Snake Plants. Why are these a must-have? Because they’re deemed a plant of good luck – and we all need a bit of that right now. These vigorous looking plants absorb poisonous gases from the air and eliminate the toxins. Perfect for placing next to you during long-winded zoom calls! From us to you – a gorgeous plant that ‘exudes strong protective energy and shields the residents from negative Chi’.



And finally, we have an array of Maranta, sometimes known as Rabbit’s Foot. These plants have beautiful foliage, and Maranta leaves have the unusual characteristic of lying flat during the day and then closing upwards at night as if in prayer.  This lovely little number is a clean air plant – the perfect addition for your working from home space.



All our plants come naked so that you can dress them up with your own choice of pot.  That said, we have a handy collection of planters you can choose from if needed – from paper pots to baskets, plus some standout ceramic ones too.


planters Gloam store    planters Gloam store

planters Gloam store    planters Gloam store

planters Gloam store planters Gloam store

planters Gloam store     planters Gloam store

planters Gloam store.   planters Gloam store


So get shopping, you green-fingered lot – we know these are going to fly!

Photographs: Jay Golian 

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