As you may know, alongside our event design services we’ve recently – well, fairly recently ish, what is time any more? – started to offer inhouse floristry too. We’re REALLY proud of this development and so excited about it, because it means we can bring you romantic, modern flowers that perfectly complement the party of dreams that you’re throwing. 

White wild wedding bouquet Photograph: Sean Bell  Venue: Dunglass Estate

Locally sourced autumnal flowersPhotograph: Nikki Leadbetter  Venue: The Cow Shed

Flowers and design go hand in hand, so we thought we’d celebrate some of our favourite modern flowers and arrangements that we’ve been lucky enough to work with recently, to provide the ultimate inspiration for your party plans. (Remember, if you’re on desktop, you can pin these pictures straight through to your Pinterest moodboard by right clicking, and if you’re on mobile, head to instagram and you can save them from there!)

Wild greenery wedding bouquet

Wild and oversized modern flowers

Gloam is the name, flowers for the wild at heart is the game. Over the years our floristry style has bloomed into a wild, romantic, slightly unruly but wholly unforgettable aesthetic that we think lends itself really well to big, brilliant backdrops and focal pieces. Think the all-encompassing nature of Jumanji, mixed with Dutch Masters opulence and Vogue elegance. It’s a weird Venn diagram but it works – believe us.

Large wild wedding bouquet with ribbonPhotographs: Claire Fleck  Venue: Guardswell Farm

We went for this kind of vibe at this recent shoot at Drumtochty Castle, bringing some serious seasonal romance to their beautiful courtyard area. For the high drama, high impact installation, acting as a backdrop for the outdoors ceremony, we used jewel-like tones and differing textures to create depth and intrigue. We interspersed thick, luscious greenery with rich, berry-hued blooms, and used heavy ochre velvet delicately interwoven through for even more layers of loveliness. 

Rich colour outdoor floral installationRich colour outdoor floral installationRich colour outdoor floral installation and large wild wedding bouquet

What we especially loved about this shoot (other than, err, all of it) is that modern flowers and foliage were used to enhance an outdoors space. Quite often, we find that people can be hesitant about large installations outside, because there’s already greenery present, but the right colours and textures can definitely bring everything together and add flair without getting lost. 

Rich colour outdoor floral installation Rich colour outdoor floral installation Rich colour outdoor floral installationPhotographs: Emma Lawson  Venue: Drumtochty Castle 

Locally grown modern flowers

Equally as great on the eyes as they are for the environment, locally grown modern flowers are one of our secret weapons here at Gloam. There’s a plethora of beautiful flowers growing right here in Scotland, and we love using them in our arrangements for you as we think it just adds even more to their story.

Locally sourced flowers

We used locally grown Scottish stems for Becky and Rowley’s wedding, using her gorgeous colourful Needle and Thread wedding dress as the inspiration for her blousy, bouncy, happy bouquet. 

Colourful wedding dress and wedding bouquetColourful wedding dress and wedding bouquetColourful wedding dress and wedding bouquetPhotographs: Claire Fleck  Venue: The Cow Shed

Simple, stunning greenery

Going green is a really elegant approach to modern flowers that we still absolutely adore. Different fronds and foliage already provide so many different shades and textures themselves that they can be used to make breath-taking arrangements all on their own, without any brightly coloured blooms needed.

Wild greenery wedding bouquetPhotograph: Lina Hayes Venue: Guardswell Farm

Foam wedding greenery installation with bride with wild bouquet

Greenery arrangements bring the outside in like nothing else, blending boundaries by bringing wild charm and release within walls. This can be especially true when they’re used alongside some decor or furniture: for example, we lovingly centred this foam-free foliage arrangement at Guardswell Farm, combined with a low-rise bench and the stone wall behind.

Greenery wedding ceremony installation Greenery wedding ceremony installation Greenery wedding ceremony installationPhotographs: Claire Fleck  Venue: Guardswell Farm 

Dried and preserved modern flowers and pampas grass

Fluffy fronds, parched stems and dried grasses – what is there not to love? Bringing laidback, effortless Antipodean wedding vibes whenever it’s used, we love utilising pampas grass, bunny tails and dried palms to make drool-worthy arrangements. 

Dried flower wedding bouquetPhotograph: Sean Bell  Venue: Dunglass Estate

Dried flower installationPhotograph: Claire Fleck  Venue: The Cow Shed

One of the reasons why dried arrangements have become the modern flowers du jour is their longevity: when looked after correctly, they can be everlasting. This also makes them a very cute metaphor for your love, and we adore the idea that they can be transported from your wedding or party and then displayed pride of place in your home afterwards. 

Dried flower installationDried flower installation Dried flower installationPhotographs: David Moss

Bouquets using one type of flower

In direct but equally delicious contrast to the first style of modern flowers we mentioned above, another way of adding depth to floral arrangements is actually the opposite: to use only one type of flower. Artfully arranged single stem bouquets can be just as impactful, because they make a solid impression without losing any of the delicate definition of the texture. 

Pink rose wild bouquet

We used this method with a couple of different flower types when we had the joy of working with the Photography Farm team at Dunglass Estate. For the first look we used simple pink roses tied with elegant ribbon, and for the second we went for a fluffier, wispier style in a pageant-style bouquet; with both, we kept the stems longer to keep the arrangement balanced.

Wild wedding bouquet with pink roses Pink rose wedding bouquetFluffy wild wedding bouquetWild wedding bouquetPhotographs: Sean Bell  Venue: Dunglass Estate 

So, these are 5 of our current favourite modern flowers – what about you? What are you crushing on? We’d love to know! 

If you are interested in hiring us for your floristry please get in touch.

Greenery wedding ceremony installation Wild greenery wedding bouquetPhotographs: Claire Fleck Venue: Guardswell Farm