As the famous saying goes, there’s not a problem in the world that can’t be solved with a bit of eucalyptus – and, if not entirely solved, then at least improved a bit. Eucalyptus is one of our very favourite plants ever, because it’s just so versatile: we use it wherever we can, whether that’s in our living rooms, our offices, our bedrooms, or even our bathrooms (trust us – see below for just why it’s so perfect there!) And – because we have the best customers in the whole entire world, obviously – we know you love eucalyptus just as much as us, which got us thinking: why don’t we launch a UK wide eucalyptus subscription service, to make sure we’re always well stocked in the green stuff?


We did it!


So, we did just that. Without further ado, we’re so excited to announce EUC CLUB, our eucalyptus subscription service!


UK eucalyptus subscription service

UK wide eucalyptus subscription service


Euc Club will ensure that you can feel the long-lasting joy of having eucalyptus in your home at all times, by sending you the gorgeous greenery regularly through the post. Whether it’s a gift for yourself – and Lord knows how much you deserve one – or a friend who needs a little pick me up, choose from a three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription to receive a monthly delivery of the beautiful sprigs. Each time, you’ll receive enough to split across two vessels, so that you, or they, can really spread the joy everywhere across the house. 


UK eucalyptus subscription service

What will you get as part of your subscription?


Euc club comes with 2 options: our ‘classic’ options comprises a selection of hand-picked stems of the Cinerea variety of eucalyptus, the one we all commonly know and love. But with around 700 varieties of eucalyptus out there, we also offer the ‘discovery’ option, allowing us to take you on a bit of a eucalyptus journey, exploring one of the other options available whilst not compromising on quality or that luxury feel.


Caring for your eucalyptus

The stems will always come with care instructions, so that you can make the most of them – when they first arrive, all you need to do is to trim the bottom of the stems and pop them in some fresh water. Euc Club is an entirely plastic free postal flowers experience, as we use brown paper, tissue paper, and eco bio wrap packaging to keep them fresh, as well as using recycled card and hessian. The flower food is totally bio-degradable too, allowing us to make a positive impact on your home without making a negative impact on the earth! 


UK eucalyptus subscription service

Different ways to use your UK eucalyptus service greenery


So, now that we’ve sold you on the idea of Euc club – we thought we’d give you some of our favourite ways to put the glorious greenery to good use. Here’s some of the ways we style ours, for maximum eucalyptus euphoria:

  1. We teased you above with the mention of shower eucalyptus – and we were 100% serious. Not only does it feel bougie as hell and give maximum spa vibes to the ol’ bathroom, but it can actually have health benefits too: your shower steam releases the essential oils in the plant, which can clear nasal congestion and ease inflammation.
  2. When we think of vases, we most often think of bouquets of big blooms – but actually a bunch of eucalyptus sprigs in a vase can look just as stunning as the centrepiece of a room. (Or, two rooms – remember, you get enough in each monthly delivery that you can split it! We don’t cut corners here.
  3. We’re firm believers that wreaths are for life, not just for Christmas – so if you’re looking for some wall decor inspiration, why not weave eucalyptus into a floral hoop situation?


UK eucalyptus subscription serviceUK eucalyptus subscription servicePhotographs – Claire Fleck  Venue – Guardswell Farm 

Join the club


We simply can’t wait to welcome you aboard the eucalyptus appreciation train with us. We’ll be launched Euc Club on the 5th April, and have loved seeing what subscribers have been up to with their first deliveries! To grab yours, head here…