Can you believe it’s been nearly two years since we introduced our own range of modern wedding stationery? Indeed – time definitely flies when you’re busy creating beautiful designs.

The Gloam Stationery Department has such an important role to play when it comes to complementing the work of our other talented creatives. Their concepts encompass a luxe, effortless and laidback vibe, which always elevates the overall look of a wedding. And to them, the rest of the team say – well done (and a huge thank you)!

Gloam Wedding Stationery Collections
Soft Luxe Wedding Stationery Welcome Sign
Colour Pop Wedding Table Number

Need to familiarise yourself with our work? Well, let us tell you more… The Gloam Customisable Stationery Collection is a range of pre-designed stationery suites you can personalise with your own details and style flourishes for a bespoke finish. The key benefit is that you can navigate the process without ever having to stare at a blank page, which we know can feel pretty intimidating and is a sure-fire way to make you put this important job to the bottom of the list.

The exciting news is, that based on the work we have been doing with couples over the last two years, we have just added to our collection with a dreamy new suite called ‘New Romantics’. This addition reflects the desire of many of our couples to incorporate refined details, using luxurious layering and soft tones, giving a timeless and romantic look for a somewhat classic aesthetic to their wedding celebration.

Order of Events Natural Minimal Wedding Stationery
Soft Luxe Guestbook Wedding Stationery
Boho Charm Welcome Wedding Sign
Wedding Stationery Welcome Sign Soft Luxe
Modern Classic Wedding Stationery Design


This latest addition now sits alongside our established and much-loved suites, including Boho Charm, Natural Minimal, Colour Pop, Modern Classic, and Soft Luxe. The critical detail behind all the designs we offer is that they are inspired by you and are flexible enough to capture your tastes and vision, meaning there’s something for everyone. We’re essentially like a really rather wonderful ice cream parlour – whatever your flavour, style, or finishing touch topping – we’ve got it.   And our easy-to-navigate process allows you to create a coordinated look from your invitations right through to those all-important venue styling details.

Let’s take a little guided tour of each of our collections:

Modern Classic Wedding Stationery Design
Colour Pop Wedding Stationery Table Plan
Boho Charm Mirror Wedding Stationery


As modern wedding stationery designs go, Boho Charm is an instant classic. And by that we don’t mean super boring and traditional. We mean it’s a perfectly balanced design marrying contemporary cool with vintage charm. It’s bohemian chic and vintage charm given an upgrade for the 21st century, with a palette of beautiful earthy tones and 3 staple fonts that scream sophistication.

…thinking about it, sophistication probably doesn’t scream, does it? Fine. These fonts whisper it at you. Loudly.

Boho Charm Welcome Wedding Sign
Boho Charm Table Name Stationery
Boho Charm Menu and Table Names
Boho Charm Table Plan Wedding Stationery
Boho Charm Place Names
Wedding Stationery Menu and Placename Boho Chic
Wedding Drinks Menu Boho Charm Collection
Wedding Stationery Menu Boho Charm
Natural Minimal Wedding Stationery Collection


The Natural Minimal suite is minimal design with maximum impact. It features elegant, elevated modern wedding stationery in a colour palette drawing from the muted, understated hues we can find in organic matter: slate greys, taupe, fawn, and that kind of gorgeous mauve shade that you find in pebbles on the beach. And it’s not just the colours that are natural – oh no, baby! The Natural Minimal collection also prioritises natural materials and shines a spotlight on the beauty of nature’s textures.

Wedding Menu and Table Name Natural Minimal
Natural Minimal Stationery Place Names
Wedding Stationery Welcome Sign
Welcome Sign Natural Minimal Stationery
Table Number Natural Minimal
Table Name Natural Minimal Wedding Stationery
Table Plan Natural Minimal Wedding Stationery
Floral Place Name Wedding Stationery
Colour Pop Wedding Stationery Collection


Our Colour Pop cuties are the same luxe look you’ve come to know and love from us by now, with added splashes of joyful colour. The suites are bright and bold without being too in your face. It’s playful and fun whilst still suiting a grown up’s do. Remember we can tone down the brightness or offer this suite in monochrome if the look sings to you, but you want a more paired back finish.

The main font is an ever-so-slightly-chunky but absolutely-definitely-funky serif that pairs perfectly with the modern, round sans serif and contemporary calligraphy that completes the designs.

Wedding Stationery Guestbook Colour Pop
Colour Pop Invitation Wedding Stationery
Wedding Stationery Colour Pop Collection
Colour Pop Place Names Wedding Stationery
Welcome Sign Colour Pop Wedding
Wedding Stationery Colour Pop Planter
Wedding Sign Colour Pop Design
Wedding Table Plan Colour Pop
Modern Classic Wedding Stationery Collection


This suite does exactly what it says on the tin without ever looking off the shelf. It’s a modern wedding stationery suite for fans of a minimalist aesthetic. It is perfect for lovers looking to emulate industrial cool. It uses three elegant and complementary fonts, and comes in monochrome as standard to really let the space do the talking.

Modern Classic Order of Service Design
Modern Classic Order of Day Wedding Sign
Modern Classic Place Name and Menus
Welcome Sign Modern Classic Wedding Stationery
Wedding Table Plan Modern Classic
Wedding Stationery Modern Classic Design
Modern Classic Order of Events Stationery
Modern Classic Table Plan Wedding Stationery
Soft Luxe Wedding Stationery Collection


Imagine your favourite velvet cushions in rich tonal colours that are buttery soft to the touch, and you’re getting somewhere close! It’s refined vintage excellence, resulting in effortless cool (unless you choose the rosier end of the palette, in which case – it brings the warmth. Either way, you’re onto a winner!)

Soft Luxe Wedding Stationery Signage
Wedding Place Name Soft Luxe
Soft Luxe Table Name Wedding Stationery
Soft Luxe Wedding Table Plan
Soft Luxe Table Number Wedding Stationery
Wedding Soft Luxe Place Name and Menus
Order of Events Soft Luxe Stationery
Soft Luxe Wedding Party Sign
Soft Luxe Wedding Table Plan
Wedding Stationery Place Name Soft Luxe
New Romantics Wedding Stationery Collection


Hot off the press – our brand new suite is here, and ready to make you fall in love all over again! With a classical aesthetic, you’re getting a timeless look that doesn’t short out on detail. Presented using luxurious layering and soft tones, for a look that’s unfussy and refined, yet completely striking – and most importantly it never forgets to inject some romance.

If you’ve found your ideal suite and are wondering how it works, let us summarise our process.

New Romantics Place Names Wedding Stationery
Wedding Stationery Escort Cards
New Romantics Escort Card Wedding Stationery
New Romantics Wedding Place Names
New Romantics Place Names and Menus
Modern Classic Wedding Place Names

All our stationery and signage are created in-house, allowing you to match it beautifully with your style. How much or how little you personalise the design is entirely up to you, and our team will guide you every step of the way.

The first step in the design process is to select the suite of stationery that speaks to you the most, the one you’re naturally drawn to. This might be because of a simple font choice or a minimal look vs. a bolder statement. We can then start the process of making the design all about you. For example, we can adapt any collection to a colour palette that best suits your vision. Even colour pop can be adapted to a monochrome finish if you love the style but prefer a paired-back approach. The bottom line is you get stylish, hand-finished, professionally designed stationery your way, with a friendly bunch of people helping you who you can chat to and send questions to if you need some advice or have any concerns.

Natural Minimal Wedding Table Plan Design
Natural Minimal Wedding Stationery Sign

We appreciate that this is a lot of information, so we thought we’d finish this blog with some stationery Q&As.

  1. What stationery is included in the ‘Full Design Service’?

On the day stationery is included as part of this service, and covers the following stationery and signage pieces: a welcome sign, order of events sign, table plan, table names or numbers, a menu per table, all place names, plus an extra sign of your choosing e.g. cards/gifts sign, or a guest book sign.

  1. Can I add to this if I need more signage details?

Yes, of course. We often produced additional items such as order of service, vow booklets, confetti signs, bespoke bar/cocktail menus, direction signs – whatever you need.

  1. Can I just use Gloam for stationery, or do I need to take other services too?

For sure! Although we love when the whole team can collaborate across the creative aspects of your wedding, our stationery service can always be booked as a stand-alone option.

  1. I want a really cohesive look to my stationery design? Can you help with save the dates and invites, or do I need to go elsewhere?

We’d love to help you with everything, and can offer both save the dates or invites as optional add-on service. We love designing all the elements of your wedding stationery and getting involved early helps to build a solid grounding for future designs, and gives guests a hint of what’s to come.

  1. What if I want to add floral or foliage flourishes to my stationery design?

If you are working with the Gloam Floristry studio, they will be involved in the design process, and they can help elevate the design with floral details and help you by making suggestions as part of our joined-up approach. So whether it’s a simple touch like a sprig of foliage added to a place setting or a larger statement piece like the tree the team previously created to host a rather wonderful hanging table plan – there is always scope to work floristry into your stationery designs.

Natural Minimal Wedding Drinks Sign

Emily & Addison’s Wedding

Date – 12.08.22

Photographer – Colin Ross @colinianross

Venue – Kinnettles Mansion @kinnettlesmansion

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

James & Fiona’s Wedding

Date – 06.11.21

Photographer – The Curries

Venue – Gordon Castle Estate @gordoncastleestate

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Alanna & Al’s Wedding

Date – 30.09.22

Photographer – Danielle Watt Film + Photo @daniellewattfilmandphoto

Venue – Riddles Court @riddlescourt

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Alfred & Claudia’s Wedding

Date – 12.03.22

Photographer – Claire Fleck @clairefleck

Venue – The Cow Shed Crail @thecowshedcrail

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Alysha & Kurt’s Wedding

Date – 28.04.22

Photographer – Sean Bell Photography @seanbellphoto

Venue – Guardswell Farm @guardswellfarm

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Amy & Jennifer’s Wedding

Date – 30.05.21

Photographer – Emma Lawson @emmalawsonphoto

Venue – The Lookout, Calton Hill @thelookoutbygc

Styling, Stationery, Venue Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Rebecca & Stewart’s Wedding

Date – 15.05.21

Photographer – McGlynn Sisters @mcglynnsisters_weddings

Venue – BAaD Glasgow @baadglasgow

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Kevin & Paul’s Wedding

Date – 27.11.21

Photographer – Elemental

Venue – Guardswell Farm @guardswellfarm

Styling, Stationery & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Florist – Wild Flower Workshop @wild_flower_workshop

Antonia & Robin’s Wedding

Date – 07.08.21

Photographer – The Gibsons @the_gibsons_photographers

Venue – Coach House at Kinross House Estate @kinrosshouse

Stationery Design – Gloam @wearegloam

Erin & Jamie’s Wedding

Date – 18.08.22

Photographer – Caro Weiss @caroweissphoto

Venue – Gosford House

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Georgia & Tom’s Wedding

Date – 01.10.22

Photographer – Rachel Manns @rachelmannsweddingphoto

Venue – Guardswell Farm @guardswellfarm

Styling, Stationery & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Jasmin & Gregg’s Wedding

Date – 18.09.21

Photographer – Claire Fleck @clairefleck

Florist – Floral Menagerie @floralmenagerie

Venue – The Cow Shed Crail @thecowshedcrail

Styling, Stationery & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Hannah & William’s Wedding

Date – 24.06.22

Photographer – PJ Phillips Photography @pjphillipsphoto

Venue – The Engine Works @glasgowengineworks

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Jennifer & Ross’ Wedding

Date – 29.05.22

Photographer – Karol Makula @karol_makula_photography

Venue – Kinkell Byre @kinkell_byre

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Nicholas & Kathryn’s Wedding

Date – 23.01.23

Photographer – Caro Weiss @caroweissphoto

Venue – The Cow Shed Crail @thecowshedcrail

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Kit & Tim’s Wedding

Date – 23.07.22

Photographer – Emma Lawson @emmalawsonphoto

Venue – The Free Company @thefreecompanysco

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Matthew & Stuart’s Wedding

Date – 29.07.21

Photographer – Caro Weiss @caroweissphoto

Venue – Guardswell Farm @guardswellfarm

Styling, Stationery & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Ruth & Stephen’s Wedding

Date – 16.07.22

Photographer – PJ Phillips Photography @pjphillipsphoto

Venue – The Engine Works @glasgowengineworks

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Rachel & Josh’s Wedding

Date – 24.07.21

Photographer – Caro Weiss @caroweissphoto

Venue – The Engine Works @glasgowengineworks

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Rachel & Dave’s Wedding

Date – 18.04.22

Photographer – Rachel & Tonie @rachelandtonie

Venue – The Cow Shed Crail @thecowshedcrail

Styling, Stationery & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Rebecca & Rowley’s Wedding

Date – 30.08.21

Photographer – Claire Fleck @clairefleck

Venue – The Cow Shed Crail @thecowshedcrail

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam

Sharon & Alejandro’s Wedding

Date – 27.10.21

Photographer – Lena Sabala @lenasabala

Venue – Dunglass Estate @dunglassestate

Styling, Stationery, Floristry & Linens – Gloam @wearegloam