One of the reasons we love working in wedding styling so much (and believe us, it is a very, very long list) is that we live in an age where people are really doing it exactly how they want. Now more than ever people are rejecting traditions that don’t resonate, and saying no to outdated notions that no longer fit. And so, if you’re currently thinking about seating plans and you’re not sure whether a top table is right for you, let us introduce you to: the sweetheart table.


Photograph: Lena Sabala

What is a sweetheart table?

First things first: what is a sweetheart table? A sweetheart table is an alternative seating arrangement for your wedding, where instead of sitting at a top table with the traditional lineup, you sit at a table just the two of you. Essentially, it’s a table reserved for the guests of honour, the sweethearts – in other words, you two!


Photograph: Lena Sabala

What does a sweetheart table look like?

There’s no one way to style a sweetheart table. And of course, as wedding stylists, this is obviously music to our ears! We’ve created sweetheart tables on rectangular tables and circular; with peacock chairs and Chiavari chairs; with candles and flowers and fabrics (oh my!). In the same way that you can design your guests’ tables exactly how you’d like them to be, you can design your sweetheart table to look however you want it to. (Scroll down to the next section to read more on that.)


sweetheart tablePhotograph: Claire Juliet Paton

Where does a sweetheart table go?

Generally, a sweetheart table will go wherever the top table would have been – that is, facing out towards your guests. That way, you still feel the warmth of being in a room with all of your loved ones, but with the addition of the points below…


sweetheart tablePhotograph: Ross Alexander Photography

Why should you consider a sweetheart table?

So now we’ve answered the question ‘What is a sweetheart table?’, it’s time to chat about why you might want one. Remember, your wedding is your day, and so it should suit you. So, do any of the below resonate?


Photograph: Claire Juliet Paton

You can completely avoid a complicated top table

The alternative answer to the question ‘what is a sweetheart table’ is: it’s a perfect solution for any tricky family situations! Your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible, and with no top table – and therefore no expectation to be seated there – your wedding party can instead be included in the seating plan alongside the rest of the guests at the tables. If the idea of the traditional top table layout is something that’s been making you worry, a sweetheart table can be a really great way to alleviate that.


sweetheart tablePhotograph: Lena Sabala

You get to spend time together as a (married!) couple

It’s hard to believe just how quickly a wedding day can fly past (especially when it probably feels like the planning took about 74 years). And this is one of the main reasons we love sweetheart tables – because they give you and your partner a real chance to spend some time together. 


Photograph: Nikki Leadbetter


Sitting at a sweetheart table gives you the opportunity to catch your breath and really soak up what’s happening. Which is that you got married! To the love of your life! Definitely something worth being present for, if you ask us.



sweetheart tablePhotograph: Lauren Elliott

You can really enjoy your wedding breakfast

You put so much thought and effort into your wedding planning, we want you to enjoy every single bit of it – and this is especially true of the food. Sweetheart tables may especially appeal to foodies, because it gives you more time to enjoy the meal you’ve thought about for so long! Without constant distraction and interruption – while you probably won’t be sitting in total silence, it’s totally ok to take your time taking it all in too – you can savour every last bite. 


Photograph: Lisa Devlin


(We know it might seem implausible right now that you wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to your wedding meal, but believe us: we hear so many stories in the industry of couples who barely touch their plate, and don’t get to taste what they worked so hard on. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen with you!)


sweetheart tablePhotograph: Nikki Leadbetter

There’s more flexibility to mingle

As we’ve said, your wedding day is first and foremost a day for you – but a sweetheart table also offers your guests benefits, too. As members of the wedding party are seated with their partners or family and friends amongst the guests, everyone has much more opportunity to mingle.


Photograph: Claire Juliet Paton

A sweetheart table is a perfect way to make a real style statement 

Last – but certainly not least – a sweetheart table is a really great way to make a style statement. Thanks to their generally smaller dimensions, and the fact that you don’t have to somehow fit 8 sets of crockery and glassware on like you normally would, you can really pack a punch with your sweetheart table styling. For example, you could transform the table with a large meadow display, or go full romance with a captivating candle display. Either way, it’s the perfect focal point and a stunning vignette.


sweetheart tablePhotograph: Claire Fleck


What are your thoughts on sweetheart tables? Are you thinking of having one at your wedding? Or are you still undecided? If you’re looking for a wedding stylist to bring your vision to life, whatever you choose, we’d love to chat to you about doing so.

Get in touch here for more info – or you can head here for some more inspo. Welcome one and all!


Photograph: Claire Juliet Paton 


Cover photograph image – Lisa Devlin