Photograph – Claire Fleck


If windows are the eyes to the soul, then tablescapes are the eyes to, well, Gloam. Planning tablescapes is one of our absolute favourite things to do – which is lucky, really, considering we’ve made it our career – but we totally understand why it can seem quite daunting. After all, there are lots of components; and one of these is wedding table candles.

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Photograph – Claire Fleck


And in fact, wedding table candles are perhaps the thing we get asked about most, namely: how many do you need?


Introducing the Gloam Masterclass | Candle Styling

The short (and frankly unhelpful) answer is: as many as you like. But for a longer (and much more useful) answer, we’ve put together a Masterclass Guide on just how many wedding table candles you’ll need to make your vision come to life.

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The Number of Candles

We cover how differing numbers of candles can make alternating impacts on your tablescapes, talking over how it could impact you rguest experience and all the differing factors there are for you to consider.


Photograph – Lena Sabala


As an example, for Sharon and Alejandro, we kept the colour palette simple with tall white taper candles, but alternated the heights of the ornate brass candlesticks to add depth and intrigue to the styling. (You can see more here.)


wedding table candlesPhotographs  – Lena Sabala

The Layout

We also cover, with beautifully created mock ups, how you may wish to lay the candles out on your table tops and how they could interact with each other.

The Gloam Masterclass | Candle Styling


Photographs – The Curries


As you can see, at Fiona and James’ wedding we spaced them out a bit more, and used multiple colours to give it plentiful, bountiful Renaissance vibes – we dig. Click here to see more of this beautiful wedding. 


Photograph – The Curries

The Colours to Consider

Where will you bring colour into your day? We cover how to work with colour in your tablescapes, using candles!

Gloam Masterclass | Candle Styling

Photographs – Claire Fleck

Types of Candles

We also cover the names and types of candles we would recommend for you!

Photograph – Claire Fleck


wedding table candlesPhotographs – Caro Weiss

Photograph – Lianne Mackay


You don’t have to have too many candles!

For example, Nicola and Nigel wanted these beautiful bud vases filled with soft blooms on their reception tables, so we added candles that would enhance, rather than compete with, them.


wedding table candlesPhotographs – Lianne Mackay


wedding table candlesPhotograph – Claire Fleck 


But they’re not just for round tables, either: as you can see at David and Hazel’s wedding, they look amazing on long trestle tables too.


Photograph – Claire Fleck 


Example – 2 wedding table candles

Understated and elegant, having two candles on the table is the ultimate in rustic supper club chic. They work super well alongside lower, shallower elements on tables such as boughs of foliage, punctuating the tables with a flicker of warmth.


wedding table candlesPhotograph – Elemental 


And with less competition, feel free to make more of a statement with them: we went with a gorgeous, bold pink and black candle and stick combo for Kevin and Paul, to accentuate those beautiful pink pops from the flowers.


Photograph – Elemental 

…or none

We know, we know – here’s a curveball! But tables can look beaut without dinner candles too. If candles aren’t your vibe, then that’s ok! We can work with you to figure out table styling that – if you’ll pardon the pun – lights you up inside…

Gloam Masterclass | Candle Styling

wedding table candlesPhotograph – Claire Fleck 


Purchase our 37 page guide now by following this link here:

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If you want to chat about wedding styling (candles or no candles), then please get in touch here: we’d love to hear what you’ve got in mind.