What’s wrong with a mid-week wedding?

(Caveat:  All this applies to when it is once again safe to plan your wedding, in-line with what we are being asked to do to keep everyone safe.)

The answer – absolutely bloody nothing.

Weekend weddings have just become the norm – there are no rules that say you have to get wedded on a weekend.  We’ve looked – there’s none. (Imagine Jean and I spending hours and hours searching through the Hogwarts Library.)

It’s just like other wedding traditions – so feel free to write your own rules, think like Craig David and take advantage of all the days in a week.   We’ve helped with plenty of mid-week weddings over the last three years and if we showed you photographs of the celebrations – you would not be able to tell the difference.

You’re worried that you friends and family won’t be able to get time off work for a mid-week date or will think that you’re being a little bit selfish.  Picking the date that you want be that a Monday, Wednesday or a Thursday is the perfect way to stamp your authority and will on your wedding – do it your way from the get go.

So, we think mid-week will definitely be the new ‘Saturday in August’ and here’s 3 good reasons why…

  1. You can get married sooner and with the suppliers you want in your corner.

The vast majority of you won’t want to wait 24 to 36 months to secure the suppliers or venue you’ve got your heart set on. With all that’s been going on in recent weeks, diary management has gone next level.  That Rockstar list of A-list suppliers you’ve been following on Instagram have been selling out their weekend availability since 2019.  If you want them you are going to have to ‘flex’ – ask them about their mid-week options and watch those wait times drop.

Just don’t go into mid-week thinking that this means you have to make less of an investment when it comes to all your suppliers … we don’t work any less hard on a Tuesday. That said, many venues offer mid-week rates so there are savings to be had.

  1. Your guests win too and might just thank you.

They get to take advantage of mid-week travel and accommodation rates. They avoid the inevitable Friday night travel delays. We speak to lots of people who tell us they’ve got in excess of 10 weddings to go to in one year.  You’ve just given them a precious weekend back to stay home and just relax.

It would be amiss of us not to say that some won’t be able to get that day off work or find childcare, but that might not be a bad thing either.  It could just mean that you get your total favs and die-hard fans at your wedding – making it intimate and even more special.  Guest management made easy.

  1. More time for you guys.

So, you get married on Tuesday… It’ not like in the movies, we know that most of you don’t rush off to the airport and head off to some tropical island.  The harsh reality is that you head back to work and take time out at a later date.  Mid-week dates give you a bit more flex here – take a few days out to reflect of the joyous fact that you’re married.  Maybe you can stay on at your venue, or find a cosy bolt hole just down the road. After planning a wedding and extra 48 hours of rest can feel like a lifetime.

So, here’s the bottom line. The wedding and events industry is going to look very different when we emerge from this lockdown for a few years at least.  Our diary has changed beyond recognition (and might just keep on changing) and we’re sure we’re not alone here.  The classic ‘weekend’ is shifting – it’s time to PIVOT and embrace the ‘unconventional’ early because it will become the new norm.

Have we convinced you?!