Whether you’ve always dreamed of a back garden wedding or they’ve only come on your radar due to the last year’s restrictions, we have a DREAMY back garden wedding to show you today. Strap in, buckle up, lean in, listen up!


dreamy back garden weddingdreamy back garden weddingdreamy back garden wedding

A change of plans – great big barn to a dreamy back garden wedding

Elizabeth and Joe originally planned to get married at The Cow Shed Crail, but the Pandemic That Shall Not Be Named obviously put a stop to that. Determined to still have the day they dreamed of – albeit with a few changes – they decided instead to have a back garden wedding a couple of months after their original wedding date. We set to work taking their original style plans and the vibe we’d curated for the blank canvas of The Cow Shed. We modified this to pack just as much of a punch in their garden!


dreamy back garden weddingdreamy back garden weddingdreamy back garden wedding


Colourful details for a dreamy back garden wedding

Luckily for us, it was a brief we could happily stare at forever and a day. Elizabeth and Joe had come to us with a gorgeous colour palette. This comprised of rich marigold and rust tones as well as fresh blush pink and mint green, and we agreed to add a deep teal too for excellent contrast and a tonal backdrop. We used these colours in everything from the signage to the table decor to the chairs themselves from Virginias Vintage Hire. The super talented team at Adelaide’s Secret Garden incorporated them in their bountiful wild flower arrangements too. We also focused on texture using textiles: soft linens, lace, wicker, and tassels helped us add elements of intrigue and points of interest to the space.


dreamy back garden wedding

Barn to garden – the perfect dreamy colour palette

Though it was originally discussed for the blank canvas space that is The Cow Shed Crail. This delectable colour palette integrated seamlessly for the back garden wedding vibe too. In fact, though we don’t want to toot our own horn too much, the mix of fresh, airy shades with the deep, rich tones were absolutely perfect for the lush greenery of the setting. The decor simultaneously stood out from, and also looked like it had always been a part of the garden. Giving the whole thing a “stumbled upon and immaculately preserved” kind of feeling, rather than a “taken from space and plonked by crane” kind of feeling. You know?


dreamy back garden weddingdreamy back garden weddingdreamy back garden wedding

Bohemian dreamy tassel details

For the ceremony space we sourced furniture that matched the colour palette. We then carried this through to the reception space, which was a long trestle table covered by a marquee. We used a canopy of handmade tassels, made by bride Lizzie and her friends, to carry through the space, making the space feel as close and intimate as we possibly could. To blend it with the outside space too we placed tassel chandeliers to add a bohemian feel.


dreamy back garden wedding

Table details – a zest for life

To draw the eye along the table, we placed candlesticks of varying heights and shades up it, with mismatched bud vases peppered in between.  There were also some more familiar items on the table such as old gin and whiskey bottles, and juicy oranges cut in half – a nod to the couples love of Barcelona. The colour palette represented a fresh zest for life, and we wanted that reflected at the table.


Place settings – pink, mustard and forest green

At the place settings themselves, blush pink plates sat atop wicker placemats, with mustard coloured stationery and a forest green napkin to finish. To signal to people where they would be sitting, Elizabeth and Joe had printed a Polaroid-style photo of them with each guest which we nestled in amongst the linens.


Signage and stationery for a dreamy back garden wedding

Another thing we focused on was the signage, for which we went big, bright and bold. Using curved pieces of board nestled proudly amongst the hedgerow, we made focal points of all of the important information. This included the order of the day, table plan and unplugged ceremony notice, as well as highlighting some decor features like stems in gin bottles.



It may not have been the day they originally planned, but we really hope it was the day that they’ve always wanted. We absolutely loved working on this one Elizabeth and Joe, so thanks again! A dreamy back garden wedding to remember!



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Photography – Lianne Mackay

Floristry – Adelaide’s Garden Flowers

Styling, stationery and signage- Gloam

Furniture – Virginia’s Vintage Hire

Catering – Regis Banqueting

Hair and make-up – Sophie Alexis