In the iconic words of S Club 7: ain’t no wedding like an Aswanley wedding. We know we say this all the time – there are so many beautiful Scottish wedding venues, so sue us! – but Aswanley is definitely one of our favourites. You have a 17th century fortified house, Victorian barn conversion and beautiful sweeping gardens to choose from. Whichever you choose, your ceremony and reception is guaranteed to be romantic, bespoke, and breath-taking.



Naturally when Charlotte and Brian got in touch about their Aswanley wedding day, we were thrilled. And that was before we even found out about the vibe they were planning. Rustic, industrial, boho, with a dreamy colour palette of neutrals, greens, browns, and pops of champagne and ivory – were we up for doing the styling and floristry for that? Err, yes. Please. With bells on…



Outdoors Aswanley wedding ceremony


And, of course, pampas grass! Guests were greeted with a sleek perspex welcome sign framing luscious foliage and ample pampas, which set the tone perfectly. This led through to the outside ceremony space, where our triangle Apex frame formed the aisle backdrop and main focal point. Dressed with more greenery and pampas, its minimalist, geometric shape brought a striking, modern element to the softer, more bohemian style of the day. Off to the side sat our wooden signing table and two chairs, adorned with white pillar candles in hurricane holders.


Aswanley Wedding


Our Flower Queen Kate also used fluffy dried grasses and eucalyptus leaves in Charlotte and her bridesmaids’ bouquets, nestled amongst full, frilly flowers, to create cloud-like arrangements that complemented and enhanced the style of the day.



Thanks to The-Virus-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, guests were sat together in family groups, and we carried this huddled seating style through to the drinks reception too. An assortment of benches and barrels were placed strategically to provide seating that kept people comfortable and safe, whilst still feeling close and cosy.



Whilst guests were drinking champagne and enjoying some acoustic live music, Charlotte and Brian took some time with their fabulous photographer Christie for some just married portraits, using the muted pink-hued walls (an iconic, surefire sign of an Aswanley wedding) and beautiful grounds as their backdrop. It’s quite rare that you can get your venue to match your colour palette exactly, but our wonderful bride and groom nailed it with their choice of tones. The neutral, earthy colours were balanced by more verdant ones, and both were finished off with pops of champagne. We kept all of the colours warm in tone, to make it feel luxurious and elegant.


Aswanley Wedding Aswanley Wedding Aswanley Wedding

A romantic, boho wedding reception


Then it was time to be seated for the meal, in the blank canvas Victorian barn conversion that’s just one of the options at an Aswanley wedding. Charlotte had come to us with a very specific seating plan in mind, and we were honoured to be able to bring it to life for her. On top of a barrel, we positioned sections of log and upended vintage boxes to create platforms of various heights. We then placed a wine bottle filled with elegant white florals on each, before leaning the seating plan cards against them as the finishing touch. What we loved most about this (other than its aesthetics, of course) was the fact that it was a fully immersive seating plan, going 360 degrees around the barrel – a truly interactive way of helping guests find their seat.


Aswanley Wedding


Delicate calligraphy brought fairytale-esque quotes to life throughout the rest of the decor too, whether on paper and floating in a gold frame, on perspex, or on a pink fabric banner detailing the order of the day. Charlotte created the table stationery herself (we know, we know – beautiful and talented. Not fair!) which we displayed in our copper table plan holders. Charlotte also designed and created the smaller perspex signs, which were placed around the venue.


Aswanley Wedding


Continuing with our colour palette, we used beautiful olive-coloured linens to cover the long tables for the reception. We know what you’re thinking: it’s a Gloam wedding, where are the candle details? Well, here they are. We placed nude, neutral and noisette (ok, brown, but we just really liked the alliteration) taper candles in slim, industrial metal candlesticks. These were then interspersed with smaller bud vases filled with posies, resulting in tables that felt full but not cramped, plentiful without being inconvenient.


Aswanley Wedding

Fun wedding styling ideas


Away from the tables, we also set up a kids’ area with a tipi, cushions and blankets, a Polaroid guest book station, and an area to honour those family and friends who couldn’t be there, as well as a table for the cupcakes that guests were invited to take away. The floral backdrop from the ceremony doubled up in framing the incredible cake, and used candles, props and more pampas grass to tie every nook and cranny of the venue in.


Aswanley Wedding


Thank you Charlotte and Bryan for having us as part of your gorgeous day at Aswanley Wedding Venue – and if you’re planning an Aswanley wedding, or you’re looking for some bespoke wedding styling like Charlotte and Bryan’s, drop us a message now – we’d love to hear from you!



For more information on our styling, floristry and stationery services, click HERE.



Styling, Floristry and Stationery (table plan, welcome sign and order of the day) – Gloam 

Table stationery and smaller perspex signs – Charlotte’s Creations 

Photography – Christie Johnston Photography 

Venue – Aswanley

Linen – Style in Detail 

Cake – Cupcakes by Jen 

Caterer – Val Morrison