We are so lucky to know and work alongside such talented suppliers. Lauren at Butter and Bodoni – have you tried a Butter and Bodoni cake?! If not get on that … joined us on Instagram for a question and answer session, answering all the questions you have about wedding cakes and cake design. You loved it, we loved it, so we’re blogging it! Below, you will find the answers and questions Lauren answered for you.

All images in this post are Lauren’s work.


Scottish wedding cake design   


Over to Lauren…

Q – Does coconut work in a wedding cake?

Yes, coconut is a wonderful flavour for a wedding cake! For fresh and summery flavours it’s great paired with a lime curd or a raspberry compote. I love to pair coconut buttercream with almond cake and toasted coconut. It’s my take on my favourite Raffaello truffles!


Scottish wedding cake design   Scottish wedding cake design


Q – Favourite edible flowers for use in decorating?

I love violas! They come in a range of beautiful colours and they’re quite versatile. You could just place a few on the top of a cake or cupcake or they even look lovely pressed into the buttercream on the side of a cake.

Q – Different flavours for different tiers?

Yes, definitely! Multiple flavours for multiple tiers. Typically these days the cake is no longer served as the dessert course. It’s usually served in the evening as part of an evening buffet. I think it’s really great to have different flavours for the different tiers because everyone can have the flavour of cake that they like most. I think couples really like choosing different flavours for different tiers because they get excited by all the different flavours and the options. So, yes, definitely! Multiple flavours!


Scottish wedding cake design   Scottish wedding cake designScottish wedding cake design


Q – New cake trends to avoid, things to consider?

This is a really great question! As far as trends, textured fondant and different kinds of texture using ganache and buttercream, or even using wafer paper in really interesting ways to add texture and visual interest is really quite popular. I’m seeing a resurgence in lambeth piping, the traditional vintage-style piping on cakes. I don’t think there are any trends that anyone needs to avoid. I think what people should consider is not to double down on a trend. I think you can take a trend from any era and modernize it and bring it into the modern day. I don’t think there is anything inherently bad about trends themselves but I think we can get carried away. So, don’t double down, don’t go too far with a trend.

Q – Is it still common to take away cake in wee boxes? Who provides these?

I wouldn’t say it’s uncommon, it’s definitely a great way to make sure no cake is wasted. Even just to have some wee boxes at the buffet next to the cake so if guests do want to take a slice home they can. We can source these if needed or even suggest places to purchase them. It’s really up to the couple what suits them best.




Q – How long does cake last, can you freeze it? (Combining those two questions)

So I would say you still have a good few days after the wedding to eat the cake and for it to still taste nice and fresh and lovely. It will definitely go stale, it won’t go bad but it will definitely start to dry out. Especially naked cakes they’ll go dry a lot faster than any of the covered cakes. So that’s just something to be mindful of. They do freeze really well, so if you want to freeze your cakes, especially if you’re looking just to freeze the top tier of your cake, wrap it up really tightly in cling film (you really can’t over wrap it) just to keep the moisture out. I wouldn’t eat the cake past a year. Hopefully you will remember your years anniversary and bring it out then!

Q – Best time to secure a supplier?

We take bookings up to a year in advance, but generally depending on the cake maker 6-9 months is still a decent amount of time. If you’re getting married at a popular time of year I would definitely enquire sooner. We only take a few weddings per weekend so we can book up quite quickly for those popular summer dates.


Scottish wedding cake design   Scottish wedding cake designScottish wedding cake design


Q – Best icing for a warm day?

I would suggest having a fondant or ganache covered cake if you’re planning to have the cake outside on a hot day as they’ll resist the heat best. Also, if you’re considering fresh flowers make sure they’re placed on the cake as late in the day as possible as they’ll wilt in the heat.

Q – Dream cake request?

I love it when a couple challenges me to create sugar flowers that I’ve never created before. I adore flowers and it’s such an exciting challenge to study a new flower and figure out how to create it in sugar.


Sugar flower cake detail Sugar flower cake detailsScottish wedding cake design


Q – Do people still eat traditional fruitcake?

Not really, no. I do occasionally get requests for fruitcake but it’s usually just as the top tier of a cake so there are a few slices to appease a few certain guests. I do find that if a couple has family members that love fruitcake they’ll often be recruited to make their own as a fruitcake recipe is a very cherished family recipe!

Q – I want to surprise my guests with an interesting flavour or style. What do you suggest?

I think the best way to surprise your guests with interesting flavours is to make it about you and make it personal. If there are flavours that you love that you both enjoy, incorporate those into the cake. If you were engaged in Italy you could have an limoncello flavours in there. If you’re whisky lovers we could always put your favourite whisky into our whisky salted caramel cake. I think those are the things that really resonate with people, when have you a personal touch. As far as surprising your guests with style I would say sugar flowers! People are always really, really excited by sugar flowers. They look at the cake and they think they’re real and then they get a bit closer and they can see that they’re made of sugar. I just find that people are always really excited by sugar flowers. So, if you want to surprise people throw a few sugar flowers on your cake!


.Scottish wedding cake design   Scottish wedding cake design


Q – Fondant/buttercream/ganache?

At the moment I am having a love affair with fondant as I love playing with different fondant techniques. I really love the stone textured effect that you can achieve with fondant!


Scottish wedding cake design

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All images in this post are Lauren’s work

Featured Image Photograph : Nikki Leadbetter – see more of this beautiful Butter and Bodoni cake and set up HERE