While many things cause a ripple of excitement amongst the Gloam team, one topic tends to unite the majority: coffee. It’s a powerful force and one hotly debated. Good coffee can make or break the mood, and finding a new place to enjoy one’s coffee is also high on our list of priorities.


So, when our commercial team received the request to assist with some of the interior design details at Two Children Coffee in Edinburgh, we were delighted.

Ange Fiske, head of commercial, worked alongside the design fitting team to create a glorious wild meadow of flowers that spans the entire length of the coffee shop’s banquette seating. The plan hinged on it appearing as if it had been planted and was growing wild from the seating itself.


The team used a selection of dried and preserved grasses and flowers, creating a mixture of shapes and interests. Playing with height and scale for added impact. The texture of the installation was also a key design consideration. The materials ranged from soft fluffy grass heads to the more robust shapes of teasels and achillea.


When it came to the colour palette, greens mixed with cream, mustard yellow, and slight hints of blue ran throughout the whole length of the display – placed to resemble the casualness of a meadow rather than following a distinct pattern.

If you still need to visit, put Two Children Coffee on your must-go to list. The coffee is excellent, and the overall look feels warm, welcoming, and refreshingly individual.


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Architecture and design lead – KBA+D

Photographer – Lianne Mackay 

Design and Floristry –  Gloam