Are you weighing up the benefits of a city wedding? We’d love to jump in and help you with that dilemma. Let us explore why a chic city celebration might be perfect for you. We’ll also gladly share some show-stopping real-life examples of how gorgeous an urban wedding can be. 


Photography – Claire Fleck 


Here are our top five reasons why you should jump at the chance to host a wedding in the city:

  1. Cities are a wonder of venues of all different types and sizes, from intimate restaurant spaces to botanical gardens to castles and observatories.
  2. The city scenery is so varied, from hilltop views of epic skylines to cobbled streets and moody alleyways. You can have it all, leading to spectacular photography opportunities. 
  3. Everything is on your doorstep, and with transport options galore, you don’t have to stop at one venue or location. Feel free to throw in a few and delight your guests by showcasing your city’s top spots.
  4. The energy in the city is very different. Most couples want to tap into that buzz and create vibrant guest experiences. Be that music, food, or the historical wow factor cities tend to have. 
  5. A city destination provides an accessible hub for guests. So, if you have guests traveling internationally, easy access to an airport goes a long way to making travel planning a much less taxing experience. And they can combine celebrating with you and exploring a city they’ve always wanted to visit. Win, win. 



To show you just how unique a city wedding can be, take a look at these urban celebrations:

Amy and Westin, City of choice – Glasgow. Venue: The Bothy


city wedding
city wedding

Photography – Lena Sabala

Myranda and Paul, City of choice – Edinburgh. Venues: Calton Hill and The Royal College of Physicians


city wedding city wedding

Photography – Melody Joy

Olivia and John, City of choice – Edinburgh. Venues: The Calton Hill Observatory and Caledonian Hall at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden


city wedding

Photography – Claire Fleck


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Amy & Westin 

Venue, Catering & Bar: The Bothy –

Styling, Stationery & Floristry: Gloam –

Celebrant: Family Member 

Photographer: Lena Sabala –

Tables/Chairs: The Bothy –

Linens : Gloam –


Myranda and Paul

Venue: Ceremony in Calton Hill – The Collective:

Reception at Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh –

Photographer: Melody Joy –

Planners: Timeless White (Jamie) –

Styling, Floristry and stationery: Gloam –

Plate and glass hire: Whitehouse Crockery –

Table Linens: 88 Events –


Olivia and Alex

Venue: Ceremony at Calton Hill Observatory – The Collective:

Reception at Caledonian Hall, Edinburgh Botanics –

Photographer: Claire Fleck –

Caterers: Heritage Portfolio –

Styling, stationery and ceremony floristry: Gloam –

Reception venue florist: Roseparks –