Calling all business owners. It’s not too late to get some help…
We don’t want to say the ‘C’ word, but it is just around the corner. So, instead, we’ll talk gently about the arrival of winter. If being ready for the incoming winter season is high on your to-do list, this is a note to say that we can still help and understand how important it can be.
Contemporary Wedding Styling Ceremony Guardswell Farm
Client – The Taybank | Photographer – Claire Fleck @clairefleck
Here are some musing from Ange, the head of our Commerical Design Department:
It’s easy to fall into a cynical trap when establishing a seasonal look within your business. Many business owners are bored with all the standard trappings of winter theme. And to be fair, they’ve got a point! If you’re planning to grudgingly roll out the same tired old decorations, it might be time to take stock and design a different approach.
Modern Contemporary Black Wedding at Guardswell Farm
Modern Black Wedding Stationery Guardswell Farm
Modern Black Wedding Styling Guardswell Farm
Winter and its holidays are a vital time in the consumer calendar, whether you’re in retail or hospitality.

Here are five solid reasons why you need to care and how to present it to your consumers:

One – It is a wildly competitive time, and a well-planned approach will help you stand out, retaining your loyal customers who want to embrace the season and attracting new ones. You may send them elsewhere if you’re not communicating with them.

Modern Contemporary Ceremony Wedding Floristry Guardswell Farm
Modern Wedding Styling Ceremony Fabric Draping Backdrop Guardswell Farm

2 – Motivate your valuable internal audience. This is a hectic season for staff within these industries, and staging helps them feel a part of it. And if they are feeling the festivities and feel supported in making sales, this will translate to your customers.

Modern Contemporary Black Wedding Styling Guardswell Farm
3 – Consumers are desperate to connect and engage – give them something unique and unexpected for the winter season they can interact with and share with others. Let them spread the festive word for you. Become that must-visit, must-share destination.
Venue – The Cow Shed Crail  |  Photographer – Mint and Jasmine @mintandjasminephoto
4 – People are bored with the clunky Christmas decorations they’ve seen time and time again. Re-ignite consumer interest in winter and all it means. You can tell your brand story by mirroring the season in an appropriate colour palette and style without the need for garish decorations and still remind customers of what’s important and drive sales.
Modern Contemporary Wedding Styling Guardswell Farm
Modern Contemporary Wedding Styling Guardswell Farm
Contemporary Wedding Styling Ceremony Guardswell Farm
Venue – Guardswell Farm  |  Photographer – Emma Lawson @emmalawsonphoto
5 – It gives you the chance to really consider your priorities and how customers will interact with your space.  Don’t overwhelm. It can be tempting to throw everything at this festive season. Saying that, variety is still vital; and creating a seamless journey throughout your space is critical. 

If you want us to help take this action off your to-do list, please reach out today.

Contact Louise, our business manager, by clicking here to kick-start the design process.  She can’t wait to hear from you!