Masterclass: Candle Styling


Planning an event of your own and want to make your tables feel extra special for your guests? Look no further.

Our most frequently asked questions involve candles, and with them being such an important component of tablescaping, and with so many options available, we’re not surprised. So we’re kick starting our masterclass series by answering your most burning questions all about candle styling.

We break it down, and take you through the different types of candles, just how many you might need, and how to style them, along with all the practical and safety considerations of including candlelight in your day.

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll know your tapers from your pillars, and how to set your tabletops and venue aglow perfectly.

Includes 37 pages packed with information, tips, beautiful photography of real wedding examples styled by Gloam, and helpful diagrams.

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