Philodendron Scandens – The Sweetheart Plant (hanging)

We love this plant! First off, it’s very hardy. Secondly and even more importantly, it produces beautiful heart-shaped leaves on tendrils. Lush.
It looks good all year round and is a fast grower. 
It is at its happiest in indirect light. Keep a check on the lovely leaves as they benefit from regular dusting.
Get into a weekly watering habit, and this plant does like to be regularly misted. But do make sure that the soil is completely dry before topping it up. Happy at normal room temperatures and can live in bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. 
This is not a pet friendly plant.

Plant Height: Approx. 40 cm tall from base of pot. Pot size: 15cm

Comes with a care card to help you look after your plant.

Available for Delivery to Central Scotland only. Please check our Postcode Areas here.


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