Ficus Lyrate – Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you are a lover of glossy green foliage – then this is the plant for you! This is a bold statement number with violin-shaped leaves. This gorgeous plant is also an air cleaning machine. 
These are not demanding plants and are pretty hardy. They can grow pretty tall! 
They prefer bright, indirect light and some direct light but keep them clear of morning or afternoon sun (we wish!)
Regularly rotate this plant to keep it growing straight.
It’s a good idea to keep the leaves dusted – every couple of weeks should do it.
In terms of watering, they like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil. And they do quite like a misting every now and then.   

Plant Height: Approx. 80 cm tall from base of pot. Pot size: 17cm

Comes with a care card to help you look after your plant.

Available for Delivery to Central Scotland only. Please check our Postcode Areas here.


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